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What is the place and function of the wall clock in our lives? The first pendulum clock that Galileo found in his logic was produced in 1656. So the wall clocks came into our lives. In a time zone away from mobile phones, wristwatches and digital clocks, wall clocks, the invention of the age, have gained meaning beyond telling the importance of time for today’s people: decoration. Wall clocks in every house, in every room of the house, meant time for a period. Teak tacks, the background music of pendulums chasing each other, spread all over the house, while waiting for his kid from school, his wife from work, the main news bulletin, eyes always met with the clock hanging on the wall. Looking at it with a scorpion and a sail, it’s kind of like, “how many minutes left? it meant”. Every second, every minute of time is precious to us, because twenty-four hours is not enough for one day.

The Place Of Wall Clocks In Decoration

Home decoration is very important when choosing a wall clock. In choosing the wall clock you need to base the color of the walls, furniture, width of the house, other accessories. The wall clock that you will buy in your home will show you the time as well as a wall accessory, so harmony is very important. Hanging a tiny wall clock on a house with large, spacious walls will not provide a very stylish look. Or a clock that will cover the wall of a small room and darken the room will sound like a burden to you. A watch that you choose will complement your style considering your decoration style.

How Should You Choose Your Wall Clock According To Your Style Of Decoration?

For a house designed with Typo decoration, which has entered among the world trends in the past year, you can use metal watches without figures on them. So you provide a shabby, dynamic image. Designed with a Modern and minimalist style, you can use wooden watches with leather straps or single-color metal watches with geometric shapes for your home. Hygge style is the most appropriate wall clocks in light colors wall mount bars. These clocks, which are mounted on a wall floor consisting only of Scorpions, sails and figures, will give you a Scandinavian breeze with its elegant posture. Choosing more colorful watches for children’s rooms will change the energy of the room.

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